What is Eco-organizing?

Eco-organizing is the method of organizing your space sustainably by applying the Rs of green-living, including reuse, reduce, repair, recycle, and repurpose.

The goal of eco-organizing is to live more intentionally and with a purpose.  Benefits of eco-organizing include gaining clarity on what matters in your life, productivity, happiness, and monetary savings.

The first step in tidying is generally purging unwanted items. Instead of discarding all of your unwanted items destined for landfill, eco-organizers will recycle, reuse, repair, repurpose or donate the items. The idea is to not buy more stuff to get organized, but to make use of what you already have.

Real life examples of the Rs in eco-organizing:

  • Drawer organizers: Use small boxes to organize your drawer instead of buying drawer organizers. These can be sturdy small gift boxes, or any type of nice boxes that you acquired over the years. You can prevent small boxes from going to landfill and you are reusing them to arrange your drawer.
Eco-organizing reuse small boxes as drawer organizer
Photo credit: Songbird Blog
  • Cleaning supplies: Do you have unwanted body splashes in a spray bottle? You can wash and fill the old spray bottles with a solution of vinegar and water for cleaning instead of buying harsh chemicals. Got unwanted old towels? Cut up your old towels to use as rags instead of buying towels or paper towels for cleaning.
  • Dinnerwares / Cups / Mugs: If you have unwanted bowls and mugs, you can repurpose them to grow fresh herbs for your cooking or donate them to your local Goodwill. If you need dishes, check out your local Goodwill for pre-loved and artisan crafted dinnerware before buying brand new items!
Grow herbs in old mugs
Photo credit: www.houseforsix.com

If you are you not sure where to start, there are professional organizers who specialize in eco-organizing.  According to National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), eco-organizing is defined as “Organizers who are committed to living and working to promote the sustainability of our environment. [Eco-friendly organizers] work towards affecting change through environmentally-conscious decision making in their clients’ lives and working as a group to grow the collective knowledge and resources as environmental advocates.”

Please feel free to share your own tips or feedback in our comments box below. Happy eco-organizing!

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