How many pairs of shoes do you own?

5 pairs of shoes

Many years ago, I had many pairs of shoes that filled my closet. Having so many pairs of shoes was problematic because of limited closet space and the smell of shoes. Even when shoes are new, they smell leathery and rubbery. Today, I own 5 pairs of shoes, and my goal is to be able to count all my pairs of shoes on the fingers of one hand. 

How many pairs of shoes do you Own? Here’s My List:
  1. Casual ankle boots: Causal black leather boots that’s easy for work or play
  2. “Nicer” ankle boots: For business, weddings, special dates
  3. Flats: Black business casual flats for work
  4. Running shoes: For walking, running, jogging, and all sports
  5. Sandals: Brown leather sandals with jewel for warm summer days
Why 5 pairs of shoes?

Huffington Post published an article back in 2013 titled, You Probably Own Way Too Many Pairs Of Shoes, Study Says, and they referenced a shoes study that polled 2,352 women. They found that women owned an average of about 20 pairs of shoes, but only 5 pairs are in their regular rotation. There are several fashion experts who claim that women only need 6 pairs of shoes, which is 1 more than 5.

5 pairs of shoes

Depending on where you live and your lifestyle, 5 pairs of shoes or less might or might not feasible  because you might need winter boots for snow, rain boots for rain, basketball shoes for basketball, or steel-toed boots for work. Regardless of where you are, a good rule of thumb for an eco-organizing minimalist is to be able to count all your pairs of shoes with two hands MAX, but aim for one hand.

Will you take the 5 pairs of shoes challenge? Share how many pairs of shoes you own in the comment below! Happy eco-organizing!



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